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June 06, 2010



If it comes to this, gold and silver will have less real value then you may think. If paper loses it's value, total confidence in government is most likely lost as well. There won't be enough metal to support the needed trade to keep people from starving, and you can bet that anarchy would ensue. If all paper fails, I don't think anyone can really predict what will happen next.


Real estate is the ultimate answer, and perhaps businesses that provide basic needs. Taxes and distribution are theproblems to be overcome. Metals are only a transition...and a mediocretransition at best.

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I think I'll focus on chicken farming ;) Gold and silver are hard on the digestive system.


Probably a good choice. At some point there is going to be a crisis in the production of protein. Tough part is how to generate volume.The selling price will be 50% higher than commercial production. The compost would be outstanding.

To: ezagrodzky@hotmail.com

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