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    Raise Taxes on the Wealthy

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January 24, 2010



The pendulum can swing far in either direction. The resulting outcome of whichever path it travels and to what extent are the subject of much concern and debate all over the world. The variables that traditionally help point to short and medium term future events are all over the place and too vast for sound predictions both politically and economically. I believe most people are simply choosing to hunker-down until their cozy seat on the proverbial "hot stove" becomes unbearable. Millions of people are experiencing real fear about their future for the first time. How that will play-out is anyone's guess... like I said, there are too many variables to make any sound prognostications about what may happen, even over relatively short periods of time. But I think everyone agrees, the next 12 months doesn't look too pretty. I think I am going to plan a fishing trip.

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